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“Almost everyone will make a good first impression, but only few will make a good lasting impression.” – Sonya Parker.

Hi, I’m Virgo Vixen.

Nice of you to stop by.
If you’re looking for random ramblings, photos, and lists-you’ve come to the right place.
Every post will included that days Virgo Horoscope as relayed from my horoscope app on my iPhone 6s. I am 21, a thrift-er, perfectionist, and cat mom. I enjoy spending countless hours on YouTube and daydreaming of moving to a warmer climate, while sipping pina coladas and getting caught in the rain. 😉

Its funny, when I was younger I always wanted to do one of two things: Become an Nurse or become a writer. Now I have the opportunity to become both.

The Aforementioned App:

I simply typed in “Horoscope” on my… app, app. (What? That is what it’s called. Well OK the ‘App Store’ app to be technical…) and it was the first option. I didn’t pick it for that reason, I actually tried a deep lavender one too and then once I downloaded this one and tried it out, I knew it was a match made in astrology. (Get it?)

  • The app background is usually pink like it’s icon, I am just feeling festive since St. Patrick’s day is tomorrow! (Maybe not by the time this posts..)
  • The icon picture is grainy because I am learning how to edit photos straight off my iPhone.. I don’t want to pay for Photoshop!
  • In case you couldn’t tell, I am a Virgo and while I may or may not believe in my actual daily horoscope, I certainly know that there is truth when they describe my sign’s characteristics.
  • It was a free app, go ahead, humor me and just try it out! I’m sure they have an android version and if they don’t, I know for a fact there are other horoscope apps for android/windows/what-have-you-not.



*DISCLAIMER* Lots of #Hashtags, cat content, and mild religious references. Leave meow or forever read about my life. Just kidding. 😉