The Kidtens.

So if you don’t know by now you will soon, that I have five fur-babies. Annnd if you couldn’t tell, they are kittens. (As seen above in my  self-proclaimed punny title.)


I know what you are thinking.. and yes I take the nickname “Crazy Cat Lady” in stride and I am taken. See Below

*Pokes me* Look babe, I’m George Washington!




See? Proof. Hahaha I love him. Almost as much as I love my kids. (;



Here is BooBear. I got her and her brother Oliver from an old family friend in 2014. They were born on July 1st.


Named because when we first brought her home she was so scared of us (as was Oliver) and they would both hiss at us and hide! Haha. I was really sad at the time but it only lasted about two days.



This is her brother Oliver with Trouble Girl. Oliver doesn’t like to sit still nor look at the camera head-on. So this is the best I have of him so far.

IMG_0212Him and Trouble Girl have always been close, even had a litter of kittens together last May.

Since you’ve seen a sneak-peak of Trouble Girl Here she is.


Trouble Girl was named because when I went to pick up Jaspur ( I had always, always wanted an orange cat growing up and Brian knew this so when his co-worker’s mom had a litter with orange ones he told me and let me go pick one up.) Annnnd she kept jumping into/sniffing my pet carrier bag so I just knew I had to take her home with me. (B was not happy at first.. but now they are buddies and he loves her just as much.) Trouble doesn’t meow normal, and its super cute the sound she does make.


Here is Pheebee. B got her from an ex-girlfriend who didn’t take care of her and prior to that she was abused. (SO sad.. and she didn’t take to four new kittens very well, but now they all get along. Well, Pheebs still gets annoyed time-to-time, but who wouldn’t?)


If you don’t know much about cats/cat Pheebee is a mainecoon.

And last, but not least, Jaspur. I know as moms we aren’t supposed to pick favorites.. but I didn’t really pick him, he picked me! (That last parts actually true, though. I actually wanted the other orange cat from the litter but he was the runt and since it was a gamble if he would make it or not I chose Jaspur.. thank goodness.) He was named Lucy, until he grew about the biggest pair I’ve ever seen. He’s the most talkative and is still so so tiny in build!






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