This is the start, of something new!






gerund or present participle: hiking
walk for a long distance, especially across country or in the woods.
"we planned to hike another mile up a steep trail"
synonyms: walk, trek, tramp, tromp, trudge, slog, footslog, march; More
pull or lift up (something, especially clothing).
"he hiked up his sweatpants and marched to the door"
synonyms: hitch up, pull up, hoist, lift, raise; informalyank up
"Roy hiked up his trousers" -googled.


I know your probably confused- Why would I have a panorama of Hyvee as a header on a post about hiking? Well- We stopped for food and water beforehand. (Something I definitely recommend.)

Here is what I chose!


The Rockstar isn’t mine. First of all, I don’t like Rockstars. Second; I wanted pure hydration. The Mist was just for some fizz, B had purchased waters from KT after the Hyvee stop.


Below is my salad! I tried to go healthy (Ish) and went with a ‘Light’ ranch dressing packet… didn’t like it so much. Haha. IMG_0735

The   blueberry yogurt was extremely delicious.

We went with a (Somewhat) local trail that was right next to a prison!

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I love that pic of B because it looks almost like he’s flexing. :b


We have decided to go on weekly hikes. It was such a good time, great exercise and it got us out of the house! (And, unless you pay for parking-its FREE!) Win in my book. 🙂


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