Peeved in Public

First things first, I’m the real-est.

Haha, I love pop culture references! I just wanted to say, before starting this post,that I am a list person. I love lists. All lists. I have a list of the lists I want to publish for you on here. Not all are negative, and we all have things that irk us and one of the ways I feel better is by talking about it.


Okay-that was a fun fact. Now back to the post.

Pet Peeves:

1.) When you are at someone else’s house frequently, and they are constantly out of hand soap.
-Annoying bc A: I can’t wash my hands properly and now have to go (hopefully) find some dishsoap. and B: I know you don’t hand-wash on the regular and now I am fearful that every surface in your house is filled with E-coli and the like.
2.) When people assume my car is a smart car, simply because of it’s size.
-Annoying bc A: Not every non-average sized car is a smart car and you are most likely insinuating my car is less because of her size, and B: You sound uneducated and as the saying goes, when you assume you make an ass out of U and Me.
(Also should go without speaking the “small car” jokes are a peeve-I mean hey after 2 yrs it gets old, y’know?)
3.) When anyone uses their bare hands to grab a pickle out of my pickle jar.
Even if they just washed them in front of me. Bc A: Don’t be a savage if you’re old enough to open the pickle jar you’re old enough to know how to hold a damn fork and B: You are lucky enough I’m sharing just use a fork!

Let me know what some of your biggest/weirdest pet peeves are in the comments! Have a great day everyone. xoxo

I’m sure theres more. These are just big ones. Sorry for no pictures.. maybe I’ll edit this later to include some? Also, horoscope for today is:
Image 4-21-16 at 9.10 AM.jpg


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