I have a camera.. quite a nice one. I don’t know all the technicalities of it, such as terms, settings, etc.. heck I can’t even figure out how to shut the shutter sound off!


But; I love it. Here are some of my adventures with it. Some photos I’m quite proud of.

For those who enjoy photography, here you go!IMG_0229IMG_0190IMG_0050IMG_0056IMG_0057IMG_0061IMG_0301IMG_0302IMG_0513IMG_0515IMG_0620

Today’s horoscope:


“The solution to a financial issue may suddenly come to you today, Virgo. The answer will be so simple that you probably won’t understand why you didn’t figure it out sooner. That’s okay. Sometimes the best and most important lessons come to us after much trial and error, but they can turn your life around when they do. Don’t regret not knowing before. Just take what you have learned and make your situation better.”



Let me know in the comments below which pic was your favorite!
Thanks for reading, XOXO


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