Anything you can do, I can do BETTER!

OR.. not?


I (along with many frightened passengers) have noticed my wiper blades were awful and needed to be changed. Well after one particularlily  rainy day I decided to stop at O’Reillys before work. I couldn’t find my car in their book that they have posted for part information, so I asked the guy for help-whose name tag said he was the manager.

Lets say his name is Bob. Bob looked up vehicle information online an told me the inches my car would need (I was changing out front only) and then told me the different price ranges they had them in.

I chose the middle of the three as far as expense goes, and the next day was totally prepared to read the instructions and take on this car maintenance challenge by myself!

(whats that saying? One small step for woman, one giant step for womankind..?;)


Well 15 minutes into it I knew I wasn’t getting something right. This conclusion came after re-reading the instructions a few times and studying the wiper blades that were already on my car, (the original ones) So, after my boyfriend got home from work I asked him for help.


(Before you extreme feminists/man-haters/what-have-you-nots get offended, keep reading. Trust me.)


Brian, who had had a few drinks at this point was still coherent enough to change wiper blades, but still called his stepdad to come out for a second opinion.

Turns out Bob-the MANAGER at O’Reillys told me the wrong sizes. So; all things said and done I probably could have gotten them on had they been the RIGHT size. Hahah. I laugh at it now, but I was frustrated then.

I returned the wiper blades the next day and bought new ones from Walmart that night, and my sweet boyfriend offered to put them on for me because I was so frazzled with the whole ordeal at that point.

Image 4-21-16 at 9.05 AM (1)Image 4-21-16 at 9.05 AM (2)

Today’s horoscope:

“You may have assumed that you don’t have the connections or the power to change something in your life that you aren’t happy about. You have gotten used to this idea, Virgo, and so you may have given up on seeking out ways to make any changes. You aren’t recognizing that you actually do have the power and the ability to change your life in the way you wish because it has been easier–and less frightening–to just acquiesce. If you really want to regain your power, this is a great time to try. Be brave.”


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